Railtown is a
Rapidly Growing AI
Tech Innovator

Railtown’s fully commercialized AI platform
helps software developers drive down inefficiency,
improve product quality, lower costs, and accelerate team velocity

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Railtown's in-house developed
Application General IntelligenceTM Platform

for software development teams

Real-Time Insight

Continually learns from
the connected applications

Root Cause Analysis

Enables developers to extract significantly deeper knowledge about their connected applications and their development teams

Conductor AI

Provides actionable knowledge for all our client’s stakeholders, from developers to C-level management

Automated Release Notes

Increases engineering performance and velocity by performing a variety of traditionally manual tasks

Top Reseller

2023 Microsoft US Solution Assessments Partner of the Year

Profile: Quisitive is a top Microsoft Solutions Partner that solves business challenges with transformational services designed to grow with their clients.

Quisitive’s Target Users: Enterprise organizations

Quisitive as Reseller: Quisitive delivers Railtown’s functionality under their own brand as a white-labeled service


Growing Global Markets

$4B USD dev tools market growing at 15% CAGR¹

$7B USD AI as a Service market growing at 44% CAGR²

Total cost of poor software in US alone is $2.08T³


High-margin SaaS platform 100% owned & developed

2 provisional patents

First mover advantage

Proven Tech

6 tech startups to date

4 M&A exits totaling $200M

Built tech for & collaborated with world-class companies

Capital Markets Experience

Helped raise >$250M combined

Decades of experience in investment banking

Raised $8.99M for Railtown as of March 2024

Multiple Client Targets & Growing Global Markets

Railtown AI is targeting 2 large and growing global markets. Our platform helps small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) and Enterprise organizations that develop and maintain software applications.

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Competitive Advantages

Railtown’s platform ingests and unifies application-related data that’s normally fragmented across dozens of vendor services. We enable our clients to access their data easily and know where to look for code that’s causing problems

Proven Tech Founders

Railtown was co-founded by 4 successful tech business builders. Together, they’ve founded 6 tech startups to date, have executed 4 M&A exits totaling $200M, and have built tech for and collaborated with world-class companies.

Marwan Haddad


Cory Brandolini


Dr. Elliot Holtham

AI Data Scientist

Kevin O’Neil

Advisory Chair

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